Nightman Grew, S.L. Control de Accesos

Pacha Barcelona

Who We Are


Located in Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza, Nightman Grew S.L., a sole proprietor limited company, is one of the leading companies on the market of access control and service assistants.

Our technical control team is made up of personnel with a high level of training to be able to provide professional, high-quality service.

Our personnel have the appropriate certification, as required by the “Decree of the Department of Interior of the Generalitat de Catalunya 112/2010, of 31st August,” which regulates the criteria for the qualifications and functions of personnel for controlling access to establishments where shows and recreational activities take place.

We also have a special group that speaks different languages fluently, with a high cultural level, so that we can offer “SPECIAL SERVICES.”

Our mission is to naturally integrate the service of access control so that it isn’t an obstacle for the normal functioning of your activity.

One of Nightman Grew’s aims is continuous training for its staff, to stay at the cutting edge in the application of the latest techniques in access control.

Our experience and professionalism are acclaimed because:

Our staff includes Directors of Security, certified security advisors, and personnel with courses in protocol and the control of events.

Our accredited staff includes personnel who have been members of the Royal Guard or national security forces.


We offer quick coverage and support in the organisation and logistics of your company to carry out all sorts of events. Nightman Grew is a guarantee of quality.

Flexibility and effectiveness

Our experience in access control and service assistants makes us a flexible, effective company.

Benefits for your business

We eliminate the obstacles that prevent your company from organizing its security and control measures well.

Professional Services

The Nightman Grew staff is professional and highly qualified in all of its areas and services.

Nightman Grew, S.L. is a leading company in access control and service assistants, thanks to years of experience in the sector.

Nightman Grew, S.L. has a highly qualified staff, with different specialised courses, and personnel who speak various languages are available, always offering brilliant results in their services. Now you can also take advantage of all of these benefits.

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