Nightman Grew, S.L. Control de Accesos


Costs condition the viability of each project, but if you evaluate the steps and processes that you have to take to maintain a unit for access control that is effective and legal, you will agree with us that hiring us will involve a series of benefits for you, such as:

    • Eliminating costs and damages for the termination of personnel.
    • Eliminating Social Security contributions.
    • Legal coverage for your company regarding access control.
    • Exemption from responsibility in the face of possible legal complaints.
    • Replacement of any element in the unit for the access control due to any type of circumstance or according to the client’s criteria.
    • Exemption from any type of maintenance of radio-transmission equipment, work uniforms, and regulatory material necessary for performing our service.
    • Freedom from any type of responsibility for your business, as the actions of our staff will be covered by our public liability policy.
    • Training, advice and inspection of all service personnel.
    • Permanent legal coverage..
    • Supervision of compliance with regulations regarding the Prevention of Occupational Hazards.
    • Supervision of compliance with regulations regarding Data Protection.
    • Elimination of management expenses.
    • Coverage of service without any more bother than a call to our 24-hour service.

All of these points imply considerable savings, greater profitability of your time, and higher-quality service.