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The access control staff is the person or persons who perform the functions of admission and control of public access to the interior of certain establishments or venues for musical shows or recreational activities. Persons who wish to perform the functions of access control staff must attend training courses given by a duly authorized centre and pass the tests carried out by this centre under the terms and conditions set out in Annex V of Decree 1122/2010 of 31 August (in accordance with Act 10/2011 of 29 December on the simplification and improvement of administrative regulation).

These courses are carried out according to the syllabus and with the duration established in annex V points 2 and 3 (see Decree 112/2010, of 31 August, approving the Regulation of public shows and recreational activities). Such training may be provided by the centre concerned, which shall inform the Directorate-General responsible for entertainment and recreation. In the communication, it must be demonstrated that it is duly authorized by the relevant authorities of the Administration of the Generalitat de Cataluña and must provide supporting evidence of compliance with the requirements.


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